EMS Phones

DOCS emergency medical service phone is equipped with an SOS button that can be activated in times of emergency to gain immediate access to the emergency response center. DOCS is dedicated to caring for you during any emergency situation. From the first response of our dedicated communications professionals to our physicians. We are committed to providing exceptional care for you in your time of need.

Our service is essentially a physician directed 24 hour telemedicine and mobile health resource service for emergency and non-emergency care advice. We triage to calls in order to help you determine the most appropriate level of care for your complaints. You can call-in from the initial onset of your symptoms for earlier interventions and better outcomes. A team of doctors employing internationally adopted evidenced-based decision support protocol follow clinical algorithms to consistently assess the urgency and severity of your complaint. The majority of calls will be concluded by a physician resulting in one of the following outcomes/classifications:

  1. Critical Calls: immediate dispatch of emergency response team

  2. Emergency Calls: immediate referral to the nearest emergency room

  3. Urgent Calls: see a physician within the next 24 hours

  4. Referral Calls: see a physician within the next 72 hours

  5. Self Care