About DOCS VIP Clinic

DOCS offers concierge medical services to members including routine clinical consultations and diagnostic services, telemedicine consultations, electronic health consultations and second opinions as well as emergency medical and other health related services through a network of internationally recognized expert doctors.

DOCS VIP Clinics offer an exciting new approach to healthcare designed with the busy executive in mind. This approach allows the subscriber to have access to the best possible care powered by advanced medical innovation and technology at your convenience. DOCS VIP is offered in three categories:

Individual Standard
Family Standard

Members will have access to emergency medical response literally at their fingertips by activation of the DOCS mobile SOS system on the DOCS Medical Phones provided at no cost to members at the time of initial enrollment. DOCS executive members will have year round access to physicians at DOCS VIP Clinics and Telemedicine Centers in Nigeria and overseas. Additionally, Executive Plan members will have access to an international network of specialists through our unique Telemedicine Platform and may obtain optional electronic medical consultations and second opinions from best doctors around the world through our dedicated electronic health opinion portal.

DOCS VIP Clinic members enjoy the additional benefit of a dedicated 24-hour medical advice hotline through which telephonic medical consultation is delivered along with health-related information, medical advice, referrals, prescriptions, and other value-added services to individual callers via mobile phone or land line for routine, urgent care and in emergency situations.