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  • Electronic consultation

  • Electronic access to your medical records
    whenever you need it and wherever you go

  • Review of medical records and
    second opinions

  • Visa letters for overseas medical care and
    referrals to centers of excellence abroad

  • Comprehensive cardiovascular executive
    Physical at DOCS VIP Clinic
    yearly **

  • Access to air ambulance and emergency
    medical evacuation **

  • Coordination of care for overseas medical

  • Dedicated 24 hour medical hotline
    for urgent and emergency medical
    consultation, prescriptions, refills,
    laboratory reviews and medical advice

  • Free year round access to DOCS VIP
    Clinics and telemedicine centers for
    consultation, diagnostics and treatment
    at your convenience

  • DOCS medical phone with SOS for

  • Access to DOCS VIP ambulance
    with activation of the SOS system

  • Telemedicine consultations with DOCS
    medical consultants and specialists that are
    licensed and board certified in the USA

  • Access to DOCS affiliated medical centers
    of execellence and easy referral to specialists
    around the world

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